City Central Church

CITYKids is our Children’s

is for children from age 1 through to High School year 8.

CITYKids Groups

During our 10:00 am service, you will be required to Check-In / Check-Out using QR-Codes as a part of our Duty of Care. Only parents or guardians to Check-In / Check-Out.  We also have a manual Check-In / Check-Out.
We have various children’s groups catering to children from age One through to High School.

DAWN BREAKERS   (1 to 2 years of agein the creche area
Children are Check-In and Checked-Out at the Pre-School

BRIGHT SPARKS   (3 to school agein the pre-school room
Children are Check-In and Checked-Out at the Pre-School

IGNITE & BELIEVER’ HQ   (kinder to year 6)
All children will go directly upstairs to the CITY Kids’ room (at the Red Door) where they will Check-In with a QR-Code or by manual Check-In. 
Believer’s HQ will then go to another room across the stairway. At the end of the service, parents/guardians are asked to Check-Out their children upstairs.

TASK FORCE   (years 7 & 8)
All children go into the auditorium and then leave after communion to go upstairs to the Prayer Room via the internal staircase in the auditorium.  They will be Checked-In and Checked-Out at the foot of the stairs.

CHOSEN KIDS   (For our Nepali-speaking children)
Chosen Kids starts at 12:30 pm each Sunday during the school term.

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