City Central Church

CITYKids is our Children’s

CITYKids is for children from age 1 through to High School year 8.

CITYKids’ Groups

We have various children’s groups catering to children from age One through to High School.

All children will be checked in at the desk at the foot of the stairs as you come into the building. 

Children are checked out by handing over to the children’s worker the ticket given to the parent at check-in

DAWN BREAKERS   (1 to 2 years of agein the creche area

BRIGHT SPARKS   (3 to school agein the preschool room

IGNITE   (kinder to year 3)
Go  upstairs to the CITY Kids’ room (the Red Door on the right)

BELIEVER’S HQ   (years 4,5 & 6)
Go  upstairs to the CITY Kids’ room (the Blue Door on the left)

TASK FORCE   (years 7 & 8)
All children go into the auditorium and then leave after communion to go upstairs to the Prayer Room via the internal staircase. 
They will be checked in and checked out at the foot of the stairs

  (For our Nepali-speaking children)
Chosen Kids starts at 12:30pm each Sunday during the school term

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