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We would love to invite you on a journey of exploring God and your Christian faith through our Foundations Course. Foundations will run for ten subjects spread out over ten months. It is a great way to grow in your Christian journey as you learn more about, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Cross, the Bible and your new man found through the redemptive work of Jesus.

In this program, you will learn and grow as you form the base for your Christian life to be built upon, one that won’t be shaken and will be able to endure all things.

An excellent team of people will lead you through the course prepared by Pastor Tony Smits,  a CRC veteran who has planted many churches and raised many disciples. This program is currently being taught in 40 countries around the world.

At the completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that could possibly be used as a basis for further study if you desire to do more.

The Foundations Course runs on Tuesdays from 7 pm—9 pm at Church. There isn’t any cost to the program but we do ask that if you start a subject you finish it. You can join us for all ten subjects or just one or two that might take your interest. We will advertise when each subject is about to start, giving you time to enrol.

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Basic Doctrine                    4 weeks

Faith Dynamics                  4 weeks

The Holy Spirit                   4 weeks

Divine Healing                   4 Weeks

New Creation Realities       4 Weeks

New Testament Church      3 weeks

Demonology                     3 weeks

Old Testament Survey        4 weeks

New Testament Survey      4 Weeks

The Lord’s Return              4 weeks

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eMail:    [email protected]
Phone:   (02) 6057 3500

For more information, call our church office or send us an email.
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We look forward to going on the adventure with you.

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